• Flatwearable Wire Winder

    This tool, designed by Suzanne, is perfect for controlling and managing wires. It enables users to make precise twists with ease. The color of the jig you receive may differ depending on availability. You can twist wires ranging from 2 to 16 at a time, with a thickness of up to 3mm. To create beautiful jewelry using the FWW, a video tutorial is available for you to watch and learn.


  • Flatwearable Wire Weaver

    This useful wire management tool was designed by Suzanne and is produced in-house. It is extremely useful when it comes to organizing and managing numerous wires during the creation process. This versatile jig can be used for a variety of wirework projects. You can witness its effectiveness in action by viewing the “Triple Corkscrew Copper Wire Bracelet” video (provided below). The tool arrives unassembled but comes with simple instructions for assembly.



  • Flatwearable Mini Wire Winder

    Introducing our compact Wire Winder that comes as 2 pieces. This jig allows you to easily twist wires in popular configurations of 6, 8, and 10 wire sets. You can even skip every other hole in each hole set to create 3, 4, and 5-wire set configurations. The thick acrylic material makes it possible to twist heavy wires with ease. Please note that the bracelets shown in the picture are not included. For a visual demonstration, check out the wolf head bracelet video below where the full-size jig is used.


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