• Solder wire – 7.5 ft

    Our lead-free rosin core solder wire doesn’t require any additional flux. It melts at a low temperature of 450 degrees and is perfect for soldering on hinges or in low-tension situations. Each package contains 7.5 ft of solder. We recommend using a small butane torch with this solder, which you can purchase at your local hardware store or Harbor Freight. We’ve included a link below to a popular model on Amazon for your convenience.

  • Pre-cut color coded solder – 1 box

    The pre-cut and color-coded solder pallions simplify the identification of different solder levels. Purple denotes an extra easy level, blue represents easy, red signifies medium, and black indicates hard. The color of the pallions burns off during the soldering process without affecting the solder flow. Each color consists of around 520 pallions contained in a flip top box.

  • Jewelers silver solder – 3ft

    Our silver jeweler’s solder comes in four types: hard, medium, easy, and extra easy, each with different melting temperatures for soldering in layers. The temperatures for each type are as follows: Hhard (1425 degrees), Medium (1390 degrees), Easy (1325 degrees), and extra easy (1145 degrees).


  • Easy solder paste syringe

    Get precise application with this syringe of flux and solder. Flow temperature is 1325°F and melting point is 1240°F.

  • Copper wire solder

    This wire solder is self-fluxing, made of copper, and contains phosphorus. Although it has a slight grey color, it matches copper much better than silver or low-karat gold solders. Additionally, it even patinas like copper! The solder is 1mm thick (18ga) with a melting point of 1310F (710C) and a flow point of 1460F (793C). Even though it already contains flux, additional flux will allow for a better flow of the copper solder.

    When using this solder, it is important to clean and flux both the solder and the metal to be joined. This can be done by lightly sanding and washing each piece with dish soap, preferably Dawn, then rinsing and drying. If dirt and finger oils are present, the solder will not flow. To prevent solder flow in certain areas, a product called Fire Shield can be used.

    For the best color match, it is recommended to use the least amount of solder possible and to pickle as usual. If needed, lightly sand the seam, then reheat, pickle, and lightly sand again. Repeat this process until the desired color match is achieved. This process draws the copper to the surface, covering the silver color that is typical of copper solder.

    It is important to note that high copper content solder takes longer to flow than silver solder, so extra time should be allowed for this. Additionally, because the solder is brittle, it is advised to cut it into small pieces rather than hammering it flat. Each package contains 6 feet of solder.

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