• Ring Sizer

    This ring sizer, measuring 7mm wide, is an essential tool to have in your arsenal. In cases where a customer is unsure of their ring size, you can use it to determine their size quickly and accurately. With this tool, you can ensure that their new spoon rings fit perfectly. The set includes 29 rings, including 1/2 sizes.

    Ring Sizer

  • Metal Bracelet Sizer – (1 pc)

    As a jewelry maker or beader, it is important to have a sizing gauge tool. This metal bracelet sizing gauge is essential for determining the size of material needed for making a bracelet or adjusting one that has already been made. The gauge is made of heavy steel and is composed of “German silver.” By placing the gauge on your customer’s wrist, they can see how the bracelet will sit and feel on them. The adjustable band measures size from 5″ to 9″ in 1/4″ increments. This is a must-have tool for anyone in the jewelry-making business.

  • Flatwearable Multitool

    This compact gadget, which is the size of a credit card, has plenty of useful tools and features. Additionally, it includes two handy reference charts. One chart is for determining the size of silverware rings, while the other side provides a size conversion chart for easily switching between gauges, millimeters, and fractions. This gadget is available in either silver or black.

  • EZ Bracelet Sizer MINI – (1 pkg)

    Here’s a useful tool that helps you get accurate bracelet sizes with ease. Simply measure your customer’s wrist and add 1/2 inch to ensure a comfortable fit. The sizer is made of polished vinyl that’s built to last. You’ll find instructions printed on the sizer, and for more detailed guidance, you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

    EZ Bracelet Sizer Mini instructions


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